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Dead by Daylight’s adds new Tome and Resident Evil cosmetics

It’s time for a deeper look into the Middle Ages, as Dead by Daylight has added an all-new tome – Volume 14: TREASON – which is also a direct continuation of the most recent chapter, Forged in Fog.

Watch Dead by Daylight’s Forged in Fog chapter trailer here.

The Forged in Fog chapter introduced the new assassin, the knight, and the survivor, Vittorio Toscano, to the game. And this brand new tome serves to tell more medieval themed stories around them. As part of the Tome and all the quests within it, players can earn medieval-inspired cosmetics and more.

In addition to Tome 14: BETRAYAL, Dead by Daylight is also hosting a Lunar New Year event and celebrate the occasion with an in-game event known as The Moonlight Cave. This means cards will be decorated with seasonal decorations, increased Bloodpoints will be available and even more cosmetic rewards can be earned.

During each game, players can find paper lanterns that give them a speed boost, and red envelopes, which grant cosmetic and Bloodpoint rewards.

Last but not least, Dead by Daylight’s Lunar New Year parties team up with one of the most popular collaborations, Resident Evil. The Resident Evil x Lunar New Year Collection will feature new cosmetics for Jill Valentine and Ada Wong, as well as an all-new outfit for The Blight.

There will also be The Moonlight Burrow Collection, which has cosmetics for both Feng Min and Vittorio Toscano. Behavior Interactive has also said more collections are coming soon.

Do you celebrate the Lunar New Year in the fog? For more information on Dead by Daylight, don’t forget to check out what codes are available to redeem.

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