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With Roiland Out, Rick And Morty Fans Audition For Season 7

Rick and Morty perform a musical number to a giant talking alien head.

Screenshot: Swimming for adults

Yesterday the news dropped that Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland hadn’t been alone dropped out of the hit TV show by Adult Swim, but that too he resigned from High in life studio Squanch Games, of which he co-founded. This all gets on Roiland’s face two domestic violence charges as of 2020. Instead of leaving Adult Swim high and dry as it faces the challenge of continuing Rick and Morty without the man voicing many of his characters, a significant portion of fans took it upon themselves to submit fake audition tapes for the now-vacant roles of Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith.

Prior to the shitstorm from Justin Roiland news revelationsRoiland heard a multitude of voices Rick and Morty and in last year’s Game Pass hit, High in life. Back in 2018, while Rick and Morty was in its third season, Adult Swim forged a long-term deal with creators Dan Harmon and Roiland for 70 additional new episodes of the adult animated series, by deadline. Following yesterday’s news, The Hollywood Reporter has said Roiland’s voice roles will be recast and Dan Harmon will remain sole showrunner through season 10.

Like the old adage of opportunity begetting uncertainty, Rick and Morty fans are throwing their hats in the ring by submitting audition tapes for the titular characters. Contrary to the “Take Schwiftyepisode of Rick and Morty (fuck me if I remember), candidates generally don’t take the auditions seriously, which is honestly pretty curious about Roiland’s vocal performances. Here are a few standout appearances that would make Cromulon nods approvingly.

Now that I’ve emailed my editor for monetary compensation for the emotional damage I’ve suffered writing this article, I’d like to share two alternative solutions to Rick and Morty‘s”lack of a lotta voiced roles” situation.

Twitter user Shinimomi suggested Rick and Morty take a page from the prolific anime comic series Pop team epic‘s book by having random celebrities voice each episode. That way, Adult Swim can keep things fresh by rotating a pool of notable actors (preferably those who aren’t alleged sex pests) over the next “100 years” of the show.

Ian Boudreau, PC gamer‘s senior news writer, suggested the new idea where the role of Rick should go The Dark Place by Garth Marengi and What we do in the shadows actor Matt Berry. Ideal, no notes. If he’s not available, I know for sure ordinary human bartender that’s called Jackie Daytona looking for work.

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