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The Rise of Product-Driven Selling, or Why Product-Driven Growth Requires a Sales Makeover • TechCrunch

B2B is looking at much more than B2C these days: From Figma to Slack, individuals and teams can sign up for tools that their entire organization will eventually use. This concept is also known as product-driven growth.

The definition of product driven growth is almost tautological: as a seller, it basically means using your product as a growth engine for your business, Amplitude chief product officer Justin Bauer told TechCrunch.

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But beneath this self-evident concept, there is a major change at play. The biggest change, Bauer said, “is that the customer relationship now starts with the product instead of ending with it, as B2B has traditionally worked.”

While the rise of PLG has turned the traditional top-down sales funnel on its head, it has not replaced sales. However, it has profound implications for sales teams that are not discussed often enough.

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