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The next title from Tango Gameworks has leaked for tomorrow’s Developer Direct

A new title from Tango Gameworks is in development and Microsoft plans to announce it tomorrow at its developer showcase, according to a report. However, it was leaked beforehand.

The title of the game is called Hi-Fi hurry or Project Hibiki, and the game was exposed by leaker BillbilKun from Dealsabs.

Ghostwire: Tokyo – Official Gameplay Deep Dive

A Reddit poses that Rand al Thor stated on the XB2 Podcast with Windows Central’s Jez Corden that the game is coming this year.

Apparently Zenimax Media trademarked the title two years ago and the logo three months ago. Concept art reportedly coming from the game has been, too posted on resetera.

We’ll find out for sure whether or not there will be an announcement when the Microsoft Bethesda Developer Direct kicks off at 3pm EST / 8pm UK.

Tango Gameworks released its latest game, Ghostwire: Tokyo, on PC and PS5 last year.

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