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Company League Of Legends blackmailed through hacked source code

A League character stands over a computer screen and points at the screen.

Image: Riot games

On Tuesday, Riot games announced the source code for both League of Legends and Team battle tactics was stolen and that it would not pay the ransom that hackers demanded to get it back. It’s the latest in a spate of data breaches at major game companies and means both games could become increasingly vulnerable to cheaters in the coming months.

“Over the weekend, our analysis confirmed that the source code for League, TFT and an old anti-heat platform has been exfiltrated by the attackers,” Riot Games said. tweeted. “Today we received an email with a ransom. Needless to say we are not paying.”

Riot games unveiled late last week that its systems had been “compromised” by a social engineering attack. While no player data or personal information was captured, the company said the attack would delay the release of upcoming patches for some of its games.

To this day, the company has not confirmed the exact methods the alleged attackers used to steal the source code of one of the most popular multiplayer games in the world. a stranger through a phishing scheme on another platform.

This is how a hacker drained hundreds of millions of cryptocurrencies of the NFT game Axie Infinity last year. The recent Rockstar Games hack that led to the unprecedented leak of under development Grand Theft Auto VI It is also rumored that materials came about in a similar way, with the alleged hacker possibly infiltrating the company through a Slack login. Regardless of the method, ransom hacks are clearly on the rise. Cyberpunk 2077 maker CD Project Redand Elder Ring publisher Bandai Namcoare just some of the other big game companies that have been hacked in recent years.

A spokesperson for Riot Games declined to comment further, but said the company would publish a full review of the breach in the future, including the attack vectors” used by the hackers.

“Since the attack, we have been working to assess its impact on anticheat and to be prepared to implement fixes as soon as possible if needed,” Riot Games continued in its tweet thread today. But the company revealed that the stolen builds also contained secret experimental new features League of Legends and Team battle tacticsmaking it likely they could leak ahead of an official announcement.

“While we hope that some of these game modes and other changes will eventually reach players, most of the content is in prototype form and there is no guarantee it will ever be released,” Riot Games wrote.

The company also said it is currently cooperating with law enforcement to investigate the hack and expects its systems to be fully restored by the end of the week, after which game updates can resume as normal. Riot Games was one of several gaming and technology companies to cut jobs last week, laying off nearly 50 employees.

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