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14 exciting games to expect from Nintendo Switch in 2023

Joy-Cons around some upcoming Nintendo game characters.

Image: Nintendo/Disney/Kotaku

The Nintendo Switch certainly feels like its time is coming to an end. It’s six years old this year and was already a generation behind in technology upon release, and there’s no doubt that the games it hosts are getting harder and harder to run. Despite all this, and even with the rise of the Steam Deck, there’s nothing quite like it. It still feels like an essential device, and 2023 offers all sorts of reasons why you’ll want to keep yours charged and ready.

Like so many Nintendo handhelds and consoles before it, the Switch feels unique in a cross-platform market, with its particular ability to be both a handheld and a console largely contributing to this. But it’s also because there’s a kind of game that just feels right on a Nintendo device, hard to describe, but we all know it when we see it. And 2023 is already packed with such games.

Who knows what surprises Nintendo has in store for 2023 – it’s the kind of bizarro company that will announce and release a major entry into a beloved franchise about ten minutes in advance – and chances are we’ll learn a sequel. up console as soon as we see Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom in May. But below is a collection of games that we doing know they are coming this year, or at least have very good reasons to expect. And no, we didn’t bother to mention Metroid Prime 4.

To avoid confusion, this is by no means an exhaustive list of upcoming Switch games, but rather a select few that we think are worth looking out for. This list is also intentionally console-exclusive, meaning games released exclusively on the Switch, or only on Switch and PC.

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