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Lyft adds wait time fees nearly seven years after Uber • TechCrunch

Lyft has introduced wait time fees, in other words, costs incurred if a Lyft driver has to wait for you at pick-up. The rideshare platform didn’t have these before, despite its main competitor Uber having them since 2016. Lyft’s wait time charges begin two minutes after timed arrival for standard rides and five minutes after that for Black and Black XL, and are charged on a per-minute basis.

Waiting time surcharges also do not apply to early arrivals for pick-ups – until the driver waits after the originally scheduled pick-up time. They also do not apply to some specific ride types, including shared rides, rides with access, assistance and car seats. And you also don’t pay any waiting time fees if the ride is eventually canceled (you only pay the cancellation fee if it’s on your side).

This is hardly a surprising change from Lyft, and it introduced more consistency for drivers working on both platforms. But it’s Lyft that gives up one of the remaining differentiators between the company and its competition on the rider side.

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