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Wordle today: Here’s the answer, hints for January 22

Did you hear the good? word? There’s a new puzzle waiting for you to tackle next Sunday, giving you the chance to experience a wonderful sense of accomplishment. That’s why we’ve come up with a few hints and tips to help you out if you get stuck.

If you prefer to know the solution right away, you can jump to the end of this article before January 22 word solution revealed. But if you prefer to handle it yourself, keep reading for some pointers, tips, and strategies to help you.

Where went word Comes from?

Originally created by engineer Josh Wardle as a gift for his partner, word(Opens in a new window) quickly spread and became an international phenomenon, with thousands of people around the world playing every day. Varied word There are even versions made by fans, including Battle Royale Fightmusic identification game Heardand variations such as Dordle and Quordle allowing you to guess several words at once.

word eventually became so popular that it was bought by the New York Timesand TikTok creators even livestream themselves as they play.

Not the day you’re looking for? Here is the word answer before January 21.

What’s the best word opening word?

The purpose of word is to have fun, and there is no right way to have fun. Just pick the opening word that feels right to you, and don’t let anyone shame you for it. However, if you want to take a more strategic approach, we have a few ideas to help you choose a word that will spark joy. A tip is to choose a word that contains at least two different vowels, plus some common consonants such as S, T, R, or N.

What happened to the word archive?

The entire archive from the past wordIt used to be available for everyone to play in glorious times. Unfortunately, it has since been taken down, with the website’s creator stating that it was done at the request of the website New York Times.

Is word get harder?

It can feel like word getting harder and harder, but we can assure you it won’t. Conversely, if you find it too easy, you can enable wordhard mode.

Why are there two different ones word answer some days?

Occasionally the word gods accept two different answers in one day, defying the accepted norm of one correct solution per day. This anomaly is due to changes in the New York Times made to word after it acquired the puzzle game.

The Time has since added its own updated glossary, so this should happen even less often than before. To avoid confusion, it’s a good idea to refresh your browser before starting a new puzzle.


Wordle-obsessed? These are the best word games to play IRL.

Here’s a subtle hint for today word answer:

Think pirates.

Do today’s word answer a double letter?

Not today!

Today word is a 5-letter word that begins with …

Today word starts with the letter M.

What is the answer to word Today?

If you want to guess today’s day word yourself, now is the time to do that!

Is your answer stuck?

The solution for word #582 is…


Don’t be sad if you didn’t get it this time – we’ve got plenty more word puzzles for us. Check back tomorrow for more helpful clues and hints!

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