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The Forspoken boss has leaked online, beware of spoilers!

The ending of Forspoken has been leaked online. Square Enix tries to take clips down, but like a sailor pulling water from a sinking boat, new clips keep flooding the internet. If you want to stay spoiler free, be careful!

These clips, featuring Forspoken’s full boss, come just a week after much of the game’s opening was also revealed ahead of launch. Looking through posts on hubs for leaks like Redditone can easily find the ending, even if Square Enix goes out of its way to remove videos where it finds them.

Watch the movie trailer for Forspoken here!

We won’t get into what the final boss is, of course, but those of you eager to try out the game for yourself should be wary of social media in the near future. A stray retweet or random post recommended to you could very well take the surprise out of the game’s final act. Rather play it safe and take precautions.

PC specs for Forspoken were recently released which were… a bit on the high side, a good way above what many surely expected. Plus, the file size of the PS5 version for the Forspoken is pretty hefty too, so don’t think you can dodge technical hurdles with a fancy console, buddy, Forspoken dishing out licks to everyone.

If you’re curious about our take on the game, we’ve shared our review of Forspoken today! You can find out exactly what we think of it by clicking on the link above. That is if you would be chill with that or whatever.

Will you go out of your way to hide from leaks as Forspoken approaches release? Or do you hunt for those nefarious images? Let us know below.

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