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Seatbelts, jets and Coke: Rishi Sunak’s growing list of blunders | Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak entered No10 promising ‘integrity’ but was forced to apologize this week after failing to wear his seatbelt in a moving car.

It’s the latest in a series of blunders that have prompted critics to accuse him of showing “the same disregard for the rules” as his predecessor as Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Here are some of the former chancellor’s most (and least) recent gaffes:

Not wearing a seat belt

Rishi Sunak posted a video to his Instagram account as he traveled in the back of his chauffeur-driven car to promote the government’s upgrade program during a visit to Lancashire.

However, online observers noticed that the Prime Minister was not wearing a seatbelt and was therefore issued a notice of fixed fine by Lancashire Police for the offence.

Rishi Sunak uploads video to Instagram sitting in moving car without seatbelt – video

It makes Sunak the second prime minister in history to be fined by the police while in the top job.

The first was Johnson, who was fined for attending Downing Street parties during the Covid lockdown in what became known as the Partygate scandal.

This is also the second fixed fine notice Sunak has received in less than a year. He paid one as Chancellor for attend rally to mark Johnson’s birthday during lockdown.

Take jets to the north of England

Sunak has been accused by the Labor Party of “circling the country on taxpayers’ money like an A-list celebrity” after he used a jet to fly to Blackpool.

The Tory MP chose not to take a train and instead took the RAF jet from Northolt to Blackpool as part of a series of visits to the north of England to promote the government’s upgrade program .

It follows a pattern of Sunak shuns train travel in favor of flying for visits in the north. He used the RAF jet to fly to Scotland for the announcement of two new “green free ports”, and also for a trip to Leeds.

Green MP Caroline Lucas said it was “totally indefensible” for Tory ministers to take short plane trips.

‘Not just for my own pleasure’: Sunak defends flying to Blackpool on RAF jet – video

Admit to levying funds on disadvantaged neighborhoods

Leaked footage showed Sunak bragging to Conservative party members in Tunbridge Wells that he diverted public funds from deprived urban areas to wealthy cities.

In images obtained by the New Statesman, the former chancellor said during his leadership campaign: ‘I’ve been successful in starting to change funding formulas to make sure areas like this get the funding they deserve.

“We inherited a bunch of formulas from the Labor Party which pushed all the funding into deprived urban areas and which had to be reversed. I started the work of undoing that.

Rishi Sunak admits taking money from deprived areas in leaked footage – video

In a publicity stunt to promote a 5p fuel tax cut, Sunak clumsily tried to pay for a can of soft drink by scanning his bank card on a barcode scanner.

Sunak was widely derided on social media and later admitted that someone needed to teach him how to use a contactless card machine.

“Since then, someone has taught me how to use this contactless machine. And I’m telling you, it’s an incredible modern marvel this technology these days!

“addicted to coke”

“I’m a Coke addict, I’m a total Coke addict,” he said in an interview with two laughing school childrenbefore quickly clarifying and explaining, in case there was any confusion, that he was “a Coca-Cola addict”.

He went on to say that his favorite was “Mexican Coke”. One viewer described it as a “scene out of the office”.

He once said he had no working class friends

Rishi Sunak slammed after footage leaked of him saying he has ‘no working class friends’ – video

In a 2001 BBC documentary titled Middle Classes: Their Rise and Sprawl, a young Sunak spoke of his aristocratic friends and his privileged upbringing.

“I have friends who are aristocrats, I have friends who are upper class, I have friends who are working class… Well, not working class,” he said. .

“I mix and match and then I go to inner city public school kids and tell them to apply to Oxford and tell them about people like me and then I shock them at the end of chatting with them for a half hour and tell them I was in Winchester and one of my best friends is from Eton and whatever and they’re like, ‘Oh, OK.’

“We all talk nonsense when we’re students,” he would later tell Andrew Neil.

Rishi Sunak says it was ‘stupid’ to say he had no working class friends – video

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