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Is Starbucks food really good? The 10 best tweets of the week

Wikipedia, cold weather and Starbucks food: everything that hit Twitter this week.

What do you think about it? Weird but good, I’d say.

As usual, we went ahead and collected the best and funniest tweets of the week. Why? Because we can and because we do it every week. And this week was especially good for tweets! So we have that in front of us.

So anyway, here they are, the 10 best and funniest tweets of the week.

1. Bill was in a great mood or whatever the kids say these days. I do not know.

2. Brother, when you come out and it’s cold… you know it’s cold but nice actually cold.

3. This is literally all I do on Wikipedia.

4. My soul would thrive in an empty Dogfish Head beer bottle.

5. This is the best dad joke I’ve ever seen.

6. This is a very good point.

7. A Prius shouldn’t look cool. But still!

8. The Spiritual Idea of ​​a Cheesecake Factory.

9. This would have been fantastic.

10. And finally, the thing about Starbucks food is that it’s real food, but it’s not real food and it’s not like… good, but it’s not like… bad either.

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