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Warzone 2 goes back to boring 1v1s because of its gulag

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First came the much-requested changes equipment dropsnow War zone 2.0 messes with the gulag. With the arrival of Season Two on February 15, the Gulag will no longer allow players to team up in pairs of two after defeat on the Battle Royale map. Instead, as in the original War zoneit will now focus on 1v1 skirmishes.

Unlike other battle royales, Dutys War zone gives players the chance to jump back into the action after they die. If you get killed by another player early enough in the game, you’ll be sent to the gulag (there must have been a better name for it). Here you fight in a fast-paced deathmatch mode to earn back your spot on the main map. War zone 2.0In the gulag, two teams of two compete against each other, with both members of the winning team rejoining the game. Midway through the gulag match, a bullet-spongy NPC with high damage output called “The Jailer” appears. If the jailer is defeated, both teams rearrange. When the time runs out or the jailer kills everyone, no one is redeployed. This was a fairly substantial change from the original War zone‘s gulag, which contained only a 1v1 match. But with 2v2s proving unpopular in the next three months or so War zone 2.0will return to 1v1s next season.

Word of the return of 1v1 gulags hit Twitter, via tweets from the various Codfish studios and also the main account.

A journey through the answers reveals a bunch of happy people. “BREAKING” begins one reply, “Codfish Developers listen to the Codfish community for a change!!!” Several others replied simply “thank goodness!” The Gulag’s 2v2 and Jailer mechanic haven’t been the most popular of additions War zone. A popular post on the MII subreddit mentions, among many other oft-cited criticisms, the harsh reality of being killed much more quickly when there are two people eager to shoot you instead of one.

The 2v2 gulag, while interesting, does have some pain points. Since you will most likely be matched with another random player, communication is not always guaranteed. Chat proximity is certainly helpful with this, but enough players disable this feature or don’t use microphones to make it pretty unreliable.

It’s also possible to get into a very unfair 2v1 scenario due to a lack of players, your teammate timed out due to server issues, or simply mismatched skill levels on a single team. Given the high level of competition in War zonehaving these extra variables of unpredictability just didn’t suit most of the community.

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That said, me, as someone who didn’t play much of the first War zone and typical favors DMZ about the battle royale, will miss 2v2s. The critiques are totally valid, but teaming up with a random person who was once my enemy on the main map was a fun social dynamic whether we interacted or not. And if you have another player on your side, you can sit back and draw attention as you take down the other team. Or vice versa: you could lead the attack, take out your opponent’s armor or health, maybe die, but then have your teammate clean up what’s left. And if you die alongside other party members in duos, trios, or quads, you team up with them in the gulag, which is a fun moment. Overall, sharing the burden of fighting back to the main map made the gulag’s pressure feel a little less imposing.

But since I’m a coward who hides most of the game, I don’t see much of the gulag anyway.

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