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Marvel Snap’s rickety bridge might just be its worst zone yet

An image shows the new icon of the Rickety Bridge zone out of view.

Image: Marvel / Second Dinner / Kotaku

A new week, a new Marvel Snap Place. And unfortunately, it’s becoming a trend that many of these new locations are just really annoying and bad. The last terrible snap location is Rickety Bridge, a frustrating place that destroys cards faster than an angry boy who got no good out of a dozen packs pokemon Cards.

Marvel Snap, released last year, is a free-to-play mobile card game built around quick matches, small decks, and a lot of mayhem created by changing locations that randomly spawn each time you play. Each match is a little different because of these randomized zones and while some are easy and boring, others are fun or stressful, adding cards or boosting or eliminating heroes and villains. And then there are the Marvel Snap zones that just suck. Example, the newest location: rickety bridge. Oh how I hate Rickety Bridge.

Added to the game yesterday, this new zone is simple and an asshole. If more than one card is played on the bridge, all cards on either side of that zone are destroyed. Thematically I love it. One too many people trying to fight on an old rope bridge that can’t support all the weight and falling apart, sending everyone falling to their doom is a funny picture. But it’s a pain to deal with in most matches.

Now sure, there are some smart people building decks around this new zone, like it will appear more often until tomorrow as part of his debut, which is fine. I’ve even seen people use Deadpool, Nova, and Wolverine at the Rickety Bridge to good effect, because these are all cards that go nicely with being destroyed. Deadpool will return to your deck when powered up, Wolverine will respawn elsewhere, and Nova will level up your entire playing field. You can also skip the Rickety Bridge headache altogether with cards like Armor, which prevents map destruction, Rhino, which destroys the location before it can remove you, Scarlet Witch, which can change the location, or Storm, which allows you to play cards briefly but safely.

The biggest problem I run into is that this location is bundled with a number of snapThe other annoying spots can turn matches into shitshows that no one wants to deal with. I got the Rickety Bridge, Space Throne (which only allows you to play one card) and Sanctorum zones (which don’t allow you to play anything there) in a match and at that point the game grinds to a halt. Conceptually, having difficult boards can change things up a bit and make you improve your skills, but the challenges themselves aren’t fun. More often than not, both you and the other player end up with a dead card. Even worse, some players have found ways to troll the zone:

Most people seem to dislike it though, judging by the reactions on social media. And I don’t blame them. We already have so many bad zones at this point, locations are just the worst and can make matches miserable or ruin popular decks, that I’d really like a break if more are added to the game.

I’m already dealing with things like District X’s funky deck-swapping shit and Danger Room’s annoying card-destruction roulette. Don’t add things that make me and other players grumble and bang our heads against our phone screens. Instead, perhaps new zones could be more relaxed or chill. Like a sleep zone where cards just settle down and nothing bad happens for two turns. Or a boring shopping zone where you have to pay one force to play something there, but that’s it. Not everything has to be so damn annoying and mean, Marvel Snap. Oh dear!

I wonder if snap needs more neutral zones or dull zones to compensate all the nasty nonsenselike the Warrior Falls (which destroys the weakest cards every turn, but can break easily) and Form (which destroys the first card you play), added to the game in recent months.

Looking forward to the next new zone, Collapsed mine, which fills the board with stones that can only be discarded by skipping your turn, I’m actually pretty excited about it. Sure, it can be annoying, but at least it shakes up a match without ruining everything, nor does it stop you from having fun.

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