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Cochise has teamed up with Rocket League for this month’s Neon Nights event

Rapper Cochise has teamed up with Psyonix for Rocket League’s upcoming Neon Nights event, returning later this month.

Players will go live on January 25th and will be able to play a series of returning limited-time modes until February 1st and earn exclusive Cochise and Neon Night cosmetics.

Check out the Neon Nights event trailer here!

The Neon Nights will even launch with a series of event challenges, rewarding players with Cochise items when completed. This includes the Cochise songs Turn it Up and Long Way as player songs, an inspection decal, Mr Professor wheels and more. For completing additional challenges you can earn Golden Moons which can be exchanged for items from the Zephyr, Victory and Overdrive series.

Neon Nights Cochise sticker in Rocket League
Definitely a must-have for Cochise fans.

Both Spike Rush and Speed ​​Demon limited-time modes will also return for the duration of Neon Nights. Spike Rush is present until February 1, while Speed ​​Demon is only present until February 7, so you’ll want to jump in quickly and try these out before they get locked back in the vault.

Moreover, if you want to spend some extra money, you can buy the Pocket Rocket Cochise song as an anthem. But if you don’t feel like spending anything, you can grab the player title Cochise Antenna and The Inspector for free.

What do you think of the upcoming Neon Nights event? Do you log in and check it out? Let us know below!

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