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Russian Embassy tweets map showing Crimea as part of Ukraine

A Twitter account run by the Russian Embassy in Sweden posted an image from Europe on Wednesday that identifies Crimea, bottom right, as part of Ukraine.

Twitter / Russian Embassy, ​​SWE / Forum Mapping HU.

A Twitter account operated by the Russian Embassy in Sweden published a map identifying Crimea as part of Ukraine.

Officially, Moscow claims Crimea, a Ukrainian peninsula that extends into the Black Sea, as part of Russia. Crimea was taken from Ukraine when Russia invaded the region in March 2014.

The map also appears to show Donbass, a region in eastern Ukraine that Russia claims as part of Ukraine.

The card had been viewed 7.3 million times in the early morning hours of Ukrainian local time. It claims to show the cost per liter of gasoline in European countries.

The Russian Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden, did not immediately respond to a CNBC request for comment.

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