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Rare Neopets item worth millions saved by fans after accident

Jhudora casts a spell in a cave.

Image: Neopets

Most of us like to think we are good people. But if you’ve picked up something worth millions in your local currency, it’s pretty unlikely you’ll return it to its owner. Yet that is exactly what people do Neopets player did when they found a Wand from the Darkest Faerie.

The Wand of the Darkest Faerie is an item that every Neopets player can theoretically obtain. In practice, it is extremely expensive and difficult to do this. If you don’t have the neopoints (NP) to buy it from another player, you can only get it by completing Jhudora’s Bluff. This is a mini-game where the NPC asks for an item and gives you a certain amount of time to obtain it. Jhudora starts asking for unwanted items, after which her requests become more and more expensive. She will even ask for items that are not available on the market – they must be bought from other players.

Redditors calculated that it costs average 40 million NP to successfully obtain the Wand of the Darkest Faerie. It’s a difficult quest that comes with a lot of risk, as her items are completely random. If you don’t return with the item in time, the entire quest will be reset. If you are unlucky enough to get an expensive stamp, you can lose millions of NP.

Unfortunately, something worse has happened. A player using “alexgag”. accidentally donated on January 13. He was try to buy the magic wand from another Neopets user, who asked for millions in store purchases as part of the exchange. His inventory quickly filled up as he bought items, and he donated the wand to free up more space. He hadn’t realized, of course, that the seller had already sent him the wand as part of the trade. The Wand of the Darkest Faerie was eventually donated along with the store items. This meant that the wand was donated to the Money Tree where one of the millions Neopets players could obtain the wand. Most of the items found in the donation center are worthless junk, but some do-gooders try to fill the money tree with really useful gifts for new players.

After posting about his tragedy on Reddit, many people tried to help alexgag get his Wand of the Darkest Faerie back. The community scouted the Money Tree for the elusive item, but no one seemed to have any luck. Finally, a streamer named Andrés Ortiz picked it up from the Money Tree shortly after.

Ortiz saw alexgag’s post on Reddit and realized the owner wanted the wand back. No one would somehow know that he obtained the wand, but he decided to do it give it back anyway. Damn, what a good guy. A lot Neopets users were so moved by this act of charity that they presented expensive “consolation prizes” to Ortiz. It’s a feel-good story all around.

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