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Keke Palmer plays The Sims on Instagram, and it’s pure drama

Keke Palmer is seen gazing at something in the night sky with a Sims Plumbob diamond hovering above her head.

Image: Monkeypaw Productions / Maxis / Kotaku

Keke Palmer, the actor known for her recent roles in no and Light year (or as the titular character in the Nickelodeon Real Jackson, VP depending on which side of 2000 you were born on) has been booming lately. As a former Nickelodeon/Disney Channel kid, I’m always happy to see someone from that era thrive beyond their child star origins, so Palmer’s continued persistence in pop culture is a win, both for her and for me. While this multi-talented person is booked and busy, people are asking her to add Twitch streamer to her resume after she took to Instagram live to tell her Sims game.

Palmer streamed herself while she was playing The Sims 4in particular, the Bad grilling mod that contains various NSFW content and options, to her Instagram followers earlier this week, create and act out storylines for her Sims. After this, fans of the games graciously accepted her as one of their own.

Various clips from Palmer’s Sims antics have gone viral on social media platforms like Twitter, from her weaving stories for her characters to her reaction to glitches and creating stories around them.

Now that she has proven to be an excellent commentator, so are fans rally to face Palmer streaming platforms such as Twitch or YouTube The Sims.

While you probably know Palmer from her work in movies, she’s also a true meme queen, having gone viral multiple times on platforms like TikTok and Twitter. She is the source of several viral noises on TikTok, such as when she interviewed Megan Thee Stallion at the 2021 Met Gala and when she was interviewed by Vanity Fair on a lie detector test. She was clearly made for Twitch clips.

All this comes a few months later The Sims 4 made the switch to free-to-play back in October. So if Palmer doesn’t end up making Twitch to document all of her Sims’ antics, those whose interest may have been piqued by her streams can easily jump into the game.

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