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Drake now owns Pharrell Williams’ $20,000 gold PlayStation

Image for article titled Drake Now Owns Pharrell's $20,000 Gold PSP

Hello, welcome, let’s take a break from industry news and global doom and talk about a rap video and a very, very expensive PlayStation Portable handheld.

Producer, rapper, and anime enthusiast Pharrell Williams was kind of notable a long time ago for owning a 14-karat gold Blackberry (I told you it was a long time ago). To keep the theme going, he bought a PSP in 2008 and “commissioned one 14K gold PSP case to replace the standard plastic”.

This shinier, a lot heavier PSP (coming in at 660 grams versus the 280 grams of a standard PSP) wasn’t designed to simply be carried around in its pockets; to complement the extravagance of the handheld itself – which wasn’t jewelry, he still used it to play games on –Pharrell also had a custom Goyard case made.

Image for article titled Drake Now Owns Pharrell's $20,000 Gold PSP

Why am I telling you this now, in 2023? Partly because I only just found out, and thought the idea of ​​Pharrell Williams owning a gold PlayStation Portable is about the most “Last Days Of Rome” act of pre-GFC extravagance I can think of to put on this website in a feature that is all about the history of video games.

I’m also telling you this in 2023 because that same PSP just showed up in a new one Drake video, next the Canadian rapper spent a few million dollars buying Pharrell’s old stuff, mostly jewelry,at an auction. The PSP is visible in seconds, waved to the screen at around 0:50 and comes very close to the camera at 1:29:

Drake – Jumbotron Shit Poppin (Official Music Video)

If you want to see more pictures of the PSP, here is the auction list (on Pharrell’s own auction site)showing that it sold for last year $19,375

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