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Switch was top in the US for December and 2022, as was Modern Warfare 2 – NPD

The NPD has released its December 2022 and full year industry report on US accessory, hardware and video game sales.

According to the data, consumer spending was $7.6 billion in December, up 2% year-on-year (yoy). This growth brought full-year 2022 spending to $56.6 billion, a 5% decrease from 2021.

Modern Warfare 2 launch trailer

The year-over-year decline was attributed to the lack of retail console inventory and a smaller slate of new triple-A releases, along with macroeconomic conditions.

in december, hardware spending grew 16% yoy to total $1.5 billion.

This brought total spending for 2022 to $6.6 billion, an 8% increase over 2021. PlayStation 5 was the best-selling platform for December and the year in dollar sales, while Switch sold the most units in December 2022 and the the whole year through.

Software sales down 1% yoy, totaling $1.5 billion for December. The growth in digital content spending did not offset the decline in subscription and physical software spending.

Full-year gaming spending was down 7% yoy to $47.5 billion.

The best-selling games for December were Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, God of War Ragnarok, Madden NFL 23, and FIFA 23.

For 2022, the best-selling game was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Elden Ring, Madden NFL 23, God of War Ragnarok, and LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

The best-selling games by platform for December and 2022 can be found in the gallery below (thanks, Matt Piscatella).

Best-selling games of December 2022 and 2022

accessories revenue fell 2% yoy to $503 million in December. A 50% increase in Steering Wheels sales failed to offset declines in other accessory segments.

For 2022, spending on accessories was $2.5 billion, which is an 8% decrease from 2021. The Xbox Elite Series 2 wireless controller was the best-selling accessory in December and the year in dollar sales.

In the mobile sector, according to Sensor Tower, December saw an increase in spending, with the biggest month-over-month (mom) gains in December from geolocation games (Pokémon Go) up 17%, simulation games (Roblox) up 15%, action titles (Genshin Impact) at 15% and shooters (Call of Duty Mobile) at 14%.

For the year, mobile gaming spending in the US was down yoy, but casino gaming spending was up 1% compared to a 26% yoy decline in shooters.

December 2022 PlayStation Bestsellers

Switch Bestsellers of December 2022

December 2022 Xbox Bestsellers

Best selling Xbox games 2022

Best selling PlayStation games 2022

Bestselling Switch games 2022

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