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Overwatch 2’s Year Of The Rabbit event is disappointing fans

Mei wears her Hu Tou Mao, wearing a red outfit with a bunny-eared hat.

Image: Activision Blizzard

Yesterday Blizzard announced the latest event for Overlook 2. On the occasion of the Lunar New Year, the seasonal event of the Year of the Rabbit brings some holiday themed styles to maps and some returning game modes. But a lack of compelling and affordable skins and cosmetics has left fans pining for the days of Overlook 1. The new skins are locked behind the game’s store; meanwhile, the only free skins from the previous game are recycled.

Overlook 2 launched in October last year. Rebranded itself as a live-service shooter, complete with a purchaseable battle pass and a variety of different timed challenges. With the original Overexpected no longer playable, gone offline when the sequel launched, fans of the game’s unique team-based multiplayer are left with it 2‘s many unpopular and controversial changes, including a reduction of 6v6 matches to 5v5 and the disappearance of the once unpopular loot boxes; a more modern battle pass and cosmetic shop structure replaced it. Such changes have proved very unpopular with the Overexpected community. And the Year of the Rabbit seasonal event doesn’t seem to be improving the negative sentiment.

While the event may seem exciting on paper, featuring two capture the flag modes, a free deathmatch mode, the actual rewards for playing the game are scarce, especially when compared to the original game. The only new skins, a New Year’s Eve party for Mei and a non-event related one for Rammatra, are locked behind the cash register. And unlike previous events in Overlook 1there isn’t much to be gained just playing the game outside of a skin from the original game.

You don’t have to look far to discover disappointment within the community. Multiple top posts on the officer Overexpected forums following a well-known trend, with titles like “Soo..Same content cycle, but worse?”, “I FEEL GROSS when I click Shop“, and “Are you kidding me.” That very last one gets to the heart of why, other than a lack of new, earnable skins, the event seems to neglect the spirit of the game’s own characters.

“It’s the year of the rabbit,” the post begins, “and we’re not getting a bunny-themed D.Va skin? The entire aesthetic of D.Va is rabbit. Tokkie [D.Va’s mech] is rabbit in Korean! Her gun is called the bunny blaster. She has a bunny hop emote. She has a line of speech that says “this bunny is fighting back.” But are they giving Mei a rabbit-themed skin?’

Thematic incongruity aside, the lack of exciting skins to earn fans who feel like it the “legacy events are now completely pointless and worthless.” A rising post on Reddit allows direct comparison between how these events used to go Overlook 1 if you are curious. While the previous game used controversial loot boxes with random prizes (which there are a lot mourning the loss of) to hand out free skins, there were at least three new skins to be earned by playing the game. The current event really only introduces a new skinand it costs about 10 dollars (which you have to exchange into the game’s premium currency to buy).

Overlook 2The Year of the Rabbit seasonal event is currently live and will run until February 6.

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