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Membrion waste water recycler makes heavy metal removal light work • TechCrunch

PureTerraan investment company seeking to fund “disruptive water technologies” is pumping in millions membrane so the Seattle startup can mass-produce its wastewater treatment technology.

Membrion claims its ceramic membranes can filter out problematic heavy metals (not the genre, but poisonous stuff like lead, arsenic, and lithium) for approx one twelfth of the cost of evaporation processes. Founder and CEO Greg Newbloom tells TechCrunch he “wouldn’t recommend drinking the water we purify,” but the executive said the end result “can definitely be reused in an industrial facility,” without having to transport it to another location for treatment.

Membrion says its membranes can treat wastewater in a variety of industries, including fossil fuels, semiconductors, automotive, and food and beverage manufacturing. “When we talk about ‘unclean wastewater,’ we mean wastewater that will literally burn your hand because of the pH and the oxidizers present,” explains Newbloom. “This kind of wastewater cannot be treated with existing desalination membrane technology,” he added, so facilities today are saddled with “environmentally damaging alternatives,” such as boiling wastewater and using “single-use materials” to filter out harmful metals and salts .

The startup is in the process of elevating its Series B mid climate-induced droughts. Heck, much of the West is abnormally dry or worseeven after record-breaking storms that have hammered California in recent weeks.

Membrion says it has raised $7 million so far, with a goal of $10 million. PureTerra Ventures led the round, while investors such as Safar Partners, GiantLeap Capital and Freeflow also participated. press release.

“I expect that we will make our move [fundraising] target within the next few months given the interest we have,” Newbloom told TechCrunch.

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