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Guilty Gear Xrd gets Rollback Netcode 6 years after release

An image of Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 character Jack-O reaching for the camera menacingly.

Image: Arc system works

Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2, Arc System Works’ 2017 entry in the long-running anime fighting game franchise, is getting an update on January 20. . The game is finally getting the coveted “rollback” netcode, which should result in smoother multiplayer gameplay.

An update from 2016 Guilty Gear Xrd Discloser, Xrd Rev 2 introduced a plethora of changes, including new characters, a camera and visual overhaul, and expanded story content, among other things. All the important things, but missing in particular was the only thing Xrd players had been begging for: an update to the game’s not-so-impressive netcode that added rollback support. It is only now, some six years later, that the cries of players are finally being heeded.

ArcSys announced the surprising news on the company’s Japanese site, explaining that players in remote areas will have a more comfortable gaming experience online once the rollback netcode update is implemented.

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For the uninitiated, rollback netcode is a type of communication used by online multiplayer games. When implemented, it reduces the feeling of in-game latency, meaning inputs seem to be more responsive no matter where players are in the world. If you have played fighters like Killer Instinct or Mortal Kombat 11– or even other ArcSys games like Blazblue Cross Tag Battle and Dragonball FighterZ– then you have experienced this smooth online gaming.

Even though ArcSys has implemented rollback netcode in other Guilty gear spell. The recent To strive launched with it and in December 2020 the developer went back and added it to its classic XX Accent Core Plus R. Now it does that Xrd Rev 2. ArcSys continuing to add rollback to older games is a godsend, especially as fighters need fast inputs and even faster reactions to respond to attacks. It seems to be running smoothly here.

my city contacted Arc System Works for clarification on whether netcode rollback will come Xrd Rev 2‘s PlayStation versions, but did not receive any answer.

To strive is the latest release from Arc System Works in the Guilty gear series and is relatively popular, selling over a million copies since August 2022. Unfortunately, that popularity comes at a price hackers started attacking To strive earlier this month, making the game almost unplayable. The studio is aware of the exploit and is investigate it with “full urgency”.

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