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Greta Thunberg arrested by police during German anti-coal protest

climate activist Greta Thunberg was arrested by police during a protest in western Germany on Tuesday, but released after an identity check, many electrical outlets reported.

Drive the news: Thunberg alongside other activists protested against the planned demolition of the mining town of Lützerath to make way for a coal mine expansion.

Details: Thunberg was taking part in a sit-in near the edge of the mine on Tuesday when she and other activists were arrested. An activist had jumped into the mine, Reuters reported.

  • Three police officers escorted Thunberg from the site and to a set of police vans.
  • Police began clearing the area of ​​hundreds of protesters on Wednesday, some of whom had barricaded themselves in structures in the largely uninhabited village, erected watchtowers, camped in trees and even created a network of tunnels.

The big picture: Lützerath has become a symbol of the climate movement in Germany. It has been occupied by protesters in recent years after townspeople were evicted to make way for the long-planned expansion of the coal mine, CNN reported.

  • Activists say the mine expansion will release large amounts of greenhouse gases and help prevent Germany from meeting its commitments to the Paris Climate Agreementthrough BNC News.

This story has been updated with additional developments.

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