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Good Meat approved for sale of serum-free cultured meat in Singapore • TechCrunch

Good meat announced today that it has received regulatory approval from the Singapore Food Agency to use serum-free media for the production of its cultured meat. The brand, the cultured meat division of American food startup Eat Just, says it is the only cultured meat producer in the world that can sell to consumers. The lab-grown chicken is currently available in Singapore, where Eat Just has received regulatory approval to sell its lab-grown chicken meat in 2020.

“Today’s news is another historic milestone for us and for the entire industry as it brings us all closer to more scalable and sustainable production of real meat without slaughter,” said Andrew Noyes, Head of Communications at Eat Just. “Our R&D team has worked diligently to replace serum with other nutrients that provide the same functionality and their hard work over several years has paid off.”

The latest approval from the SFA means that Good Meat can sell chicken meat that has been raised without the use of animal serums. Serums such as fetal bovine serum (FBS), which is made from the blood of fetuses taken from cows during the slaughter process, are usually needed to duplicate cells from a living animal. Finding a way to produce cultured meat without animal serums is one of the main challenges trying to solve alternative protein startups.

Good Meat is currently working on its manufacturing facility in Singapore, which it says will house the largest bioreactor (a 6,000 liter vessel built with ABEC) in the cultured meat industry. Once it opens next year, the facility will be able to use the serum-free manufacturing process and produce tens of thousands of pounds of meat.

Eat Just’s financiers include the Qatar Investment Authority (the sovereign wealth fund of the State of Qatar), Vulcan Capital and C2 Capital Partners, with Alibaba as the main investor.

The Singapore government has supported alternative protein startups as the island nation tries to make its food industry more self-sufficient. In a statement, Damian Chan, executive vice president of the Singapore Economic Development Board, said: “Good Meat is an important member of our growing ecosystem of more than 70 alternative protein companies and we look forward to their continued contributions in driving agri-food innovation. from Singapore for the region. and beyond.”

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