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Fortnite’s new weekly missions suck, even after the latest update

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Last month, Fortnites newest season, Chapter 4 Season 1, has started. With it came some big changes, new content and a new island to explore. Most of the new stuff this season was great! But one change in the way quests work has frustrated some players, myself included, and while Epic’s recent attempts to fix this issue have helped a bit, it hasn’t completely remedied the situation.

In recent years, Fortnite has become one of the largest and most popular games in the world. A big reason why Epic’s free-to-play online battle royale continues to be so successful is that the developer is constantly busy change, improve, update and expand the game through new seasons and chapters. For example, this season saw the introduction of new randomly generated perks that players choose each time they play. These perks, like one that makes your assault rifle’s first round deal more damage, can shake up any match. However, not every change in Fortnite‘s history is well received. In this case, Epic’s decision this season to keep weekly quests limited in time, forcing players to complete them within a week or miss them, has come across pretty badly to players who can’t play the game as often as others .

Epic games

For Chapter 4 Season 1, Fortnite had weekly missions that would be added to the game each week. (As the name implies.) But these quests will remain in your quest log and can be completed anytime after they’re added, so you can take down the easier ones first and target the harder ones later. It also meant that if you took a few weeks off to play something else or live your life or whatever, you could come back and complete a ton of quests, improving your combat pass and continuing to progress towards everything to get the rewards of the season.

Now things have changed. In this new season, weekly missions will only stick for the week they arrive. After that, they disappear, even if you haven’t completed or logged them in that week. This change makes it more difficult to improve your battle pass if you don’t play consistently. What’s even more annoying is that some of these quests involve multiple steps that can take up a lot of time if you’re unlucky or don’t have the time to invest in them each week. Sure, old weekly quests also had multiple steps, but you had more time to do them, so it didn’t matter.

I had some hope that Epic would change this after a few weeks of player criticism of the change on social media and Reddit. And yesterday Epic acknowledged the frustrations players had with this new system. But unfortunately it doesn’t change. Instead, Epic is just going to make missions with multiple stages shorter and easier to complete. That’s nice, but I and many others still miss the old system, and not just because you had more time to do quests.

The old mission system also allowed you to skip missions until later in the season if it was too hard to complete because other players were also trying. You see, if new weekly quests were added, many players would focus on the new missions all at once. So if a quest asked you to go to a specific area and hunt three wolves or something, you and 30 others would probably all try to complete it in one go per match. Annoying! But as more weekly quests were added and the season progressed, those earlier quests became easier as more players moved onto new missions, allowing you to pick tough quests with less competition later in the season.

I imagine Epic decided to make the changes to how Fortnites weekly missions work to encourage players to log in more often, which is also why the company hosts weekly events, constantly changes the shop, and offers daily missions and bonuses for completing them. The thing is, I think before this season there were plenty of reasons to log in to play almost every day Fortnite like the daily quests already mentioned, as well as mid-season rewards, time-limited cosmetics, and in-game tournaments. And weekly quests were an in-game system that seemed built to support those players who couldn’t play as often, which was nice. Now it’s gone and it seems unlikely to return anytime soon.

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