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‘Dragon Quest Champions’ is a brand new ‘Dragon Quest’ RPG for mobile from Square Enix and Koei Tecmo – TouchArcade

Last week, Square Enix announced a new one Dragon quest game for mobile with a full reveal scheduled for today. The live stream in Japanese revealed Dragon Quest champions for iOS and Android created in collaboration with Koei Tecmo. Koei Tecmo has been working with Square Enix on the dragon quest heroes action games in the past. Dragon Quest champions is brand new Dragon quest RPG scheduled for release in Japan with closed beta sign-ups now live in Japan. Dragon Quest champions is the first new one Dragon quest mobile release since then Dragon Quest Builders ($27.99) hit the platform last year. There will also be a solo mode and a mode with up to 50 players in total. Watch the live stream of the game’s reveal below:

If you want to try Dragon Quest champions in Japan you can sign up for the closed beta test here for iOS and Android. The official website has some gameplay screenshots and more info on the cast in Japanese with confirmation that the game will be free (probably to play). At the time of writing, a Dragon Quest champions release date has not been announced. Until we hear about a release date for Japan, I’m not optimistic about an international launch. Until we know more about Dragon Quest championschecking out Dragon Quest Builders in the App Store for iOS here and Google Play for Android here. Did you play Dragon Quest Builders or one of the premiums Dragon quest numbered serial ports already on mobile?

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