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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is a Souls like that lends you a hand

^Check out our preview video of Wo Long coming soon to Game Pass!

Wo Long Fallen dynasty coming to Xbox Game Pass (incl. for PC) on March 3rd, and for our money it looks good.

It borrows its lore from the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history and shares a few common elements with Dynasty Warriors, but with a very different dark fantasy twist to the proceedings. It’s also kind of Souls, so players can expect a bleak atmosphere and punishing combat, but again with an added twist: a host of AI companions to help you on your journey.

Some of the characters will be familiar to fans of Dynasty Warriors, but the games are very different beasts.

Wo Long is coming on day one of Game Pass, and being a high-profile title from a very established studio, this could be an interesting case study in what happens when many people who don’t like Souls-style games suddenly have access to one with a very low barrier to entry. Despite all the hype about Elden Ring being the most accessible Souls game to date, it’s still a daunting prospect to spend £70 on it if you’ve bounced off the genre before. But Wo Long could be a route into the genre for many, as it’s not quite as daunting and accessible for just two meal deals.

Pow, right in the hiss.

We’ll have to see. But aside from its appeal for those who can’t stand having the snot kicked out of them repeatedly, Wo Long also has plenty to offer the genre’s proponents, as Sherif explains in the video above. What’s also clear is that Team Ninja is tweaking this thing down to the last second to make sure it feels good to play, and that the systems and UI are easy to read or understand, so the only barrier between the player and success is their own skill and not some stupid game design.

Imagine that!

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