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Waffle House location slams TikTok and viral Gen Z food hacks

Eighty-six TikTok.

Like an eruption ridiculous menu hacks threatens to give away fast food chains severe indigestionat least one Waffle House location refuses to let authorized patrons make a hash of the restaurant’s tradition.

“Order from the menu. We don’t make anything you’ve seen on TikTok,” reads a posted disclaimer – captured in a video by TikTok user @officialgodbodycash – above the cash register inside what appears to be an Atlanta-area location of the Southern all-day breakfast slinger.

“TikTok supports everything except Waffle House,” the user joked.

The scribbled sign alerting guests to the harsh – albeit unofficial – new policy appears on the heels of very popular posts on the social media site, such as one from user @shantellxoxo, which shows a plate-sized bacon cheeseburger served on a waffle bun with a side of pickles. The gargantuan concoction, posted with the hashtag #pregnancycravings, garnered over 5.7 million viewers in just six days.

The sign read sternly: "Order from the menu.  We don't do anything you've seen on TikTok!!"
The sign said sternly, “Order from the menu. We don’t do anything you’ve seen on TikTok!! »
"TikTok supports everything except Waffle House," the sign, posted by TikToker @officialgodbodycash82 read.
“TikTok supports everything except Waffle House,” the panel read, posted by TikToker @officialgodbodycash82.

Commentators rushed to support Waffle House, echoing the comments.

“SICK of TikTok promotions,” wrote one user.

“Thank goodness when I was a waitress people always wanted to change the menu,” said another.

Not everyone felt the same.

“So the internet gives them more business and they don’t want it?” a surveyed user.

Custom TikTok-style menu items have been a kitchen nightmare for fast food workers who waste time and resources attempt to recreate the viral elements.

Some of those same chains, however, have occasionally attempted to lean into the viral food craze – Starbucks has even added the Pink Drink, a strawberry and acai libation with a hint of caffeine and coconut milk. coco, like a official menu item in 2017 after exploding in popularity on social media.

And more recently, the fast-casual chain Chipotle, particularly prone to menu hijacking thanks to a highly customizable menu for online ordering, allowed customers to use a TikTok ‘hack’ which turns a standard steak quesadilla into something like a Philly cheesesteak.

A location of Georgia-based all-day breakfast chain Waffle House does not follow social media food trends.
A location of Georgia-based all-day breakfast chain Waffle House does not follow social media food trends.
AFP via Getty Images

Waffle House, meanwhile, recently made national headlines when a former employee went viral for overturning a chair thrown by a customer during a fight in a reported act of self-defense. Following the incident, which is believed to have taken place in 2021, the employee claimed she was blacklisted by the company.

Waffle House did not immediately return a request for comment.

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