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The Suicide Squad game has a battle pass for some reason

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League early images leaked onlinerevealing a battle pass and other live service features.

This image was first posted on 4Chan, but has since verified by VGC as real and from a recent test version of the game. Not only is a battle pass tab visible in leaked screenshots, but also in-game currency and an in-game shop.

Watch the latest Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League trailer here!

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, an open-world action-adventure game with online co-op, had previously not announced any live service features in an official capacity. In fact, we’d only seen glimpses of gameplay and in-game cinematics until now via a variety of trailers released ahead of the game’s May 23 launch later this year.

In addition to these leaks, some story details had also been released by those who claim knowledge of the game’s overarching plot. However, this has seemingly been shot down by Del Walker, a former Rocksteady artist, who claimed on Twitter that the developers are “laughing” at the leaked story details.

The online reactions to these leaked images appear to be mostly negative. Twitter user Fenix64_ was one such user, who summed up their thoughts succinctly with, “Not another boof ass battlepass game,” while others have taken only to see a variety of gifs and memes expressing their disappointment.

Additional information comes from Andy Robinson, owner and editor of VGCwho posted online that the battle pass is for cosmetics, currencies serve as XP for playable characters, and that the “characters don’t start off debuffed and weak,” according to his source.

Still, it’s certainly not the ideal way to showcase this aspect of the game to the public, but you have to wonder why a battle pass is included in a full prize game like Suicide Squad in the first place? This isn’t the first game in recent history to feature a battle pass for little to no reason.

But guess what? Let us know below, and if you think games outside of the free-to-play, multiplayer genres should include Battle Passes!

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