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Now that it’s thoroughly spoiled, here’s Apple’s M2 MacBook Pro event video • TechCrunch

One of two things that probably happened here. Or Apple made a good video before deciding it wasn’t rather enough to warrant an actual “event,” or this is just how the company will handle smaller announcements going forward. Also, given the number of Apple rumors currently doing the rounds, it seems perfectly plausible that ongoing supply chain restrictions thwarted plans for something bigger — or, looking at how hardware announcements slowed over the past year, maybe everyone is getting bigger.

Whatever the cause, in addition to the standard editorial drop, the company simultaneously dropped a sub-20 minute announcement video titled “Meet the new MacBook Pro and Mac mini.” If you’re not a fan of reading releases, spec sheets, or news stories (who among us?), you can watch a bunch of Apple executives and product managers discuss the announcements in typically well-produced video.

No idea what’s happening here.

The big news this morning is:

Go ahead, check it out below. It’s Tuesday morning during a shortened holiday week here in the US. No one thought you were going to get work done anyway.

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