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Best AI Piano Lessons | Mashable

TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to Skoove Premium piano lessons(opens in a new tab) retails for £122.58, saving you 50% off the list price.

Artificial intelligence (AI) may be feared for its world-dominating potential, but you can’t deny that it can do some pretty cool stuff. It can predict what you’d like to play on Netflix next, book your next trip abroad, and even drive you around town. Apparently, AI can also teach you how to master an instrument.

Who knew robots have the ability to unleash your inner Beethoven? Skoove(opens in a new tab) is an app that uses the power of artificial intelligence to help you learn to play the piano. Whether you are a total newbie or an experienced player looking to brush up on the lessons you learned from your high school piano teacher, the app will help you become a pro. And just in time to ring in the new year and celebrate the same you, but with a new hobby, you can get a lifetime subscription at 50% off.

We’ve featured Skoove before, but now you can score a subscription for an even lower price. The virtual piano lessons it offers are curated in such a way that it is easy to learn and practice notes, chords and all kinds of playing techniques. To make learning more fun and effective, it shows you how to play and listen to your favorite songs and adapts to your progress, then provides tailored feedback. It pays close attention to your weaknesses and schedules individualized piano lesson plans and exercises so that you can continue to improve the way you play.

In Skoove you can also play classical pieces from Bach, Debussy, Mozart and Beethoven, but you can also discover Top 40 hits from Adele, John Legend, Coldplay and more. Not to mention, you’ll learn how to compose your own songs, as well as how to recognize notes and play tunes just by listening.

Will 2023 be the year you finally master the piano? Formerly sold for £245, you can get a lifetime subscription to Skoove Premium piano lessons(opens in a new tab) for only €122.58.

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