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Viral app Retro Pod removed from Apple’s app store

Retro Pod, the viral app that mimicked the look and feel of listening to music on an iPod, is no longer on the App Store.

The app was available for download from October 2022, but it really started to pick up steam in early January when it started doing the rounds on TikTok. Users have posted videos Praising Retro Pod for its “sweet nostalgia” and ability to bring back the tactile element of using the iPod’s click wheel.


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Retro Pod grew in popularity and was downloaded almost half a million times, but by the second week of January The edge reported that it was gone. TikToks about the Retro Pod received a comment on January 7 that they could no longer find the app in the App Store.

Two side-by-side images showing the display of the Retro Pod app, which resembles the display of an iPod Classic.

Retro Pod recreated the iPod experience.
Credit: Retro Pod/Mashable Composite

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Mashable. However, the explanation for Retro Pod’s removal from the App Store is likely there Rating Guidelines for Apple’s App Store. These guidelines have a strict rule against copying other apps and Apple products – in 2019 an app similar to Retro Pod was Rewinded suffer the same fate for violating these guidelines.

Retro Pod is the latest in a series of attempts to revive early 2000s tech such as digital cameras and flip phones, proving that technological nostalgia continues to thrive in today’s digital spaces like TikTok. The app may have disappeared from the App Store, but the driving force behind it – the desire to make the old new again – is alive and well. Besides, if you crave the experience of scrolling through an iPod, you can find it in browser alternatives like ipod.js, which syncs with Spotify.

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