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‘The Legend of Vox Machina’ Season 2 Review: Bigger, Darker and More Dragonish

The legend of Vox Machina comes out swinging in its second season, with bigger enemies, more dangerous quests and a non-zero amount of butt.

While you might not expect the latter from fantasy shows like, say, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, vulgarity is the most normal thing in the world here. Ever since The legend of Vox Machina adapts the first live stream of Critical Role Dungeons and dragons campaign, it presents a combination of epic action and the kind of ridiculous (often sordid) banter you’d expect from playing a TTRPG with good friends – all wrapped up in a Saturday morning cartoon package, courtesy of Mees’s animation.

Season 2 of The legend of Vox Machina picks up where Season 1 left off, with the group of heroes known as Vox Machina celebrating saving the land of Tal’dorei from destruction. They are: Grog (Travis Willingham), a half-giant with a killer rage; Percy (Taliesin Jaffe), a sharpshooter who has vanquished the demons of his past; Keyleth (Marisha Ray), a druid coming into her own; twins Vex (Laura Bailey) and Vax (Liam O’Brien), who have depended on each other since childhood; Pike (Ashley Johnson), a clergyman with a knack for healing; and Scanlan (Sam Riegel), the lustiest bard. Unfortunately for this crew of adventurers, their merriment is about to be cut short by a group of dragons known as the Chroma Conclave.


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The Chroma Conclave poses a terrifying new threat to Vox Machina.

Dragons destroy a city.

Do you want dragons? You get them.
Credit: Courtesy of Prime Video

While Vox Machina defeated the dragon Brimscythe in season 1 in a great way, season 2 raises the bar with four bigger, badder dragons. Each member of the Chrome Conclave has their own specialized ability, from icy attacks to sour breath to good old-fashioned fire, and they pack a nasty punch. Their arrival right at the start of Season 2 immediately raises the stakes for the show: Vox Machina’s considerable skills are worth next to nothing in the face of ancient draconic power, so they’re forced to flee and regroup.

Our heroes spend most of Season 2 searching for the Vestiges of Divergence, ancient artifacts that may be the only tools powerful enough to stop the Chroma Conclave. While this premise may seem overly MacGuffin-y at first, The legend of Vox Machina makes any attempt to get their hands on a Vestige push Vox Machina to its limits – both physically and emotionally.

Season 2 of The legend of Vox Machina gives our heroes room to grow.

A group of fantasy adventurers, including a half-giant, half-elves, and gnomes.

Time for some group bonding.
Credit: Courtesy of Prime Video

Getting the Vestiges is no easy feat, but it does provide plenty of excellent character development opportunities. As they undergo various trials, Vox Machina will have to confront deep insecurities and haunting figures from their past. Even the coolest and most confident among them – watching you, Vex and Vax – can doubt themselves when dark secrets come to light.

These moments of inner conflict make for some of the most emotional and even cathartic character beats of the season. Yes, we watch this show to see badasses kicking ass, but we’re also here to watch these badasses grow and become an even closer family. The search for the Vestiges opens the door to strengthening those family ties.

This creature The legend of Vox Machina, all of this character development takes place against a backdrop of wacky fantasy goodness. New locations like sunken temples and the ever-changing Fey Realm are a sight to behold, while the Vestiges of Divergence give characters power-ups that take the show’s already cool combat to the next level. Then there’s the aforementioned butt stuff and the general Vox Machina raunch, which is sure to take the story in directions you’d like never expect. But that’s the cool thing about this show: It may be unpredictable, but with its wild tone and cast of lovable characters, it’s always a damn good time.

The first three episodes of The legend of Vox Machina Season 2 reached Prime Video(opens in a new tab) January 20, with three new episodes every week.

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