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Tesla sneakily degrades performance brakes, puts cover to hide it

Tesla slyly downgraded its performance breaks to the Model Y Performance and even put a blanket to hide the change in a deceptive move.

When going from a Y Long Range model to a Y Performance model, arguably the biggest difference is in the performance brakes.

You also get faster acceleration and a higher top speed, but it’s essentially software unlocked since the vehicles powertrain is pretty much the same.

There are bigger wheels too, but that’s a plus or minus depending on how you look at it.

Bigger Brembo brakes are arguably the biggest upgrade for the money to upgrade to the top-spec version.

However, now we learn that Tesla downshifted the brakes and did so in a very sneaky and deceptive way.

Centered on the ZEVa company making accessories for Tesla vehicles, spotted and exposed the change.

The company was working on some customers’ Model Ys and some of their own Model Y vehicles and discovered the downgrade:

We already have a 2020 MYLR and a 2022 MYP that are owned by other members of the company and we have now added a 2023 MYP owned company to continue to grow. We took all 3 to the office for some comparisons and a quick teardown. That’s when we chose to take photos, shoot videos, take measurements and reveal what’s behind the back covers. Little did we know few people were aware of this downgrade and Tesla still markets it as a performance upgrade on its website.

The performance upgrade on the Model Y brings a Brembo rear caliper and 2mm thicker rotor with additional ventilation features.

The company spotted it around September when Tesla started replacing that Brembo caliper (right) with a new Mando brake (left):

The company now claims the rotor is 2mm thinner with the downgrade.

Here is also a comparison of the brake pads on both calipers, which clearly shows that the Brembo is bigger in size:

ZEV Centric, who are brake experts, believe this is a significant downgrade and think Tesla should supply them with Brembo brakes since the change was not shown on Tesla’s Model Y configurator.

Tesla has been known to implement cost-cutting efforts by removing features over the past few years, such as removal of passenger lumbar support controls and ultrasonic sensors.

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