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New ‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ and ‘Fire Emblem Engage’ Cross-Promotion Deliver Bonuses In Every Game This Week – TouchArcade

Nintendo just announced a new cross-promotion for Fire Emblem heroes (Free) and this week’s new Nintendo Switch title, Enable fire emblem. If you link your account to both games, you will receive orbs Fire Emblem heroes and a bonus item set for use in the Nintendo Switch game Enable fire emblem. Around the Enable fire emblem Order of Heroes item set, which you must have played Fire Emblem heroes on iOS or Android and have linked your Nintendo Account to the app. Up the bonus Fire Emblem heroes is five orbs, which is not as good as the bonus given when Fire Emblem Three Houses released several years ago. This cooperation will also see Enable fire emblem heroes enter Fire Emblem heroes. Watch the trailer for it below:

If you’re wondering how to get the Fire Emblem heroes bonus inside Enable fire emblemcan you follow the steps here with screenshots. It’s worth noting that you must redeem your code for the Nintendo Switch game within 150 days of receiving it. I haven’t played Fire Emblem heroes in a while, but love my time with Fire Emblem Warriors Three hopes last year. This collaboration forced me to download again Fire Emblem heroes on iOS. However, it remains to be seen if I will spend more time on it after the item pack. If you haven’t received it yet, Fire Emblem heroes is available worldwide for free on iOS and Android. Details for paid Feh Pass subscription are here. If you haven’t played Fire Emblem heroes for a while or play it regularly, what do you think of the new content and this collaboration?

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