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Best Kindle in 2023 (UK): How to choose the Kindle for you

This content originally appeared on Mashable for a US audience and has been adapted for the UK audience.

If you’re not yet converted to the wonderful world of Amazon Kindle readers, we really need to ask you: what the hell are you waiting for?

We know nothing compares to the feel of a book in your hands as you flip through page after enticing page. And there is currently no real substitute for that delicious bibliosmiaaka that distinct “book smell” that results from the chemical breakdown of paper in a beloved tome (although some aromatherapists may be able to help with that, stat). But since the release of the Amazon Kindle in 2007, it’s hard to imagine what things were like before these nifty devices made themselves a staple for millions of people around the world.

Honestly, imagine having to pick only one book at a time to read?! Or, perhaps even worse, imagine having to carry several books with you everywhere you go because you’re not sure which of your current books will suit your mood when you have a few free moments throughout the day. Nightmare fuel.

But we get it; there are many Kindles to consider. Whether you’re new to e-readers or just can’t decide which Amazon Kindle reader to upgrade to, we’re breaking down all the details and key differences of each latest model Kindle currently available to help you make the best decision for yourself.

Why is a Kindle better for reading than a tablet or your phone?

While they may be the same size, these portable reading devices are not to be confused with a tablet or even a smartphone. On the contrary, Kindle e-readers are specially designed for hours of comfortable reading. This is made possible by the Kindle’s signature glare-free black-and-white screen that reads like paper, even when you’re sitting under a clear, sunny sky.

Amazon Fire tablets were once referred to as “Kindle Fire tablets”, but they completely fall into the traditional tablet category these days (i.e. they are much better for browsing the web, streaming content like Netflix or Spotify, and playing games than they are). ). for reading text). You can technically use the Kindle app on a Fire tablet – just as you can on any Wi-Fi connected tablet or smartphone – but the fact that all of these devices have a glossy screen makes for a really subpar reading experience compared to a real e-reader in today’s Kindle series.

Tablets and smartphones also don’t offer the same battery life as a Kindle; while a tablet or smartphone can stay charged for hours or maybe even a few days, a Kindle has enough power to last several weeks between charges.

What should you consider before buying a Kindle?

When shopping for the best Kindles to fit your lifestyle, keep the following factors in mind, which are likely to vary by model:

  • Screen size — The smallest Kindle has a 6-inch screen, while the largest has a 10.2-inch screen.

  • Storage capacity — Depending on the model, Kindles have a storage capacity of 8 GB to 64 GB to store many thousands of your favorite books at once.

  • Battery life — Kindles generally have excellent battery life (depending on your usage), but some models are even more impressive. On the low end, they last up to six weeks per charge, while others last up to 12 weeks.

  • Waterproof protection — Not all Kindles are waterproof, but the ones that are provide peace of mind in the event of accidental submersion in water without sustaining damage.

These variables aside, all of the latest Kindles feature a 300 ppi, high-resolution, glare-free screen, so you’ll enjoy crisp text and graphics from any viewing angle. All Kindles also come with Wi-Fi connectivity so you can access and download whatever reading material you want. All Kindles also offer parental control options, whether you purchased a Kindle device or not specially made for children. Plus, you can listen to audiobooks on Audible through each Kindle’s built-in Bluetooth connection.

In most cases, you also have the choice of selecting an ad-supported or an ad-free experience for your Kindle, with the latter option typically costing around £20 more. If you don’t want to go for the mini-splurge of ignoring ads, you’ll be “treated” to ads on your lockscreen every time you open your Kindle’s cover. That’s fine if you don’t mind swiping them out of the way every time you sit down to read. But if that sounds like a nasty deal breaker, you’ll definitely want to cough up a little extra. It’s well worth it, if only because opening your Kindle’s cover feels more like opening a real book (except even better, because it takes you right to the last page you left off).

What features do Kindles offer?

In addition to the aforementioned standard features found in most (if not all) of the latest Kindle models, there are also specialized features that you’ll find on the more expensive models. To narrow down the best Kindles for your lifestyle, keep your specific needs and preferences in mind as you shop.

You may like to read outside often; you want a Kindle with auto-adjusting light so you don’t have to worry about constantly adjusting the brightness for optimal viewing in your current environment. Or maybe you read on your daily commute and can’t rely on having more than one hand free to hold your reading material; you want a Kindle with easy page turning buttons so you can go to the next page with one hand, and auto-rotating page orientation so you can switch seamlessly from one hand to the other. Or maybe you like to read before going to bed and want to turn off blue light that often keeps us awake and alert; you need a Kindle with an adjustable warm light feature so you can shift the display color from white to amber. There’s even a Kindle that lets you annotate your texts for later reference.

What is the Kindle Paperwhite and is it different from other Kindles?

All Kindles are designed to be easy to read, just like the pages of a book, but the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite simply outperforms the standard Kindle model. The Paperwhite has more than four times the number of LEDs on the front light than the standard Kindle, so it’s even easier to read in bright environments. It also has a larger screen, waterproof properties and an adjustable warm light for less eye strain (i.e. less blue light), especially when reading before bed.

The only potential downside is that the standard Paperwhite only has 8GB of storage compared to the original Kindle’s 16GB. However, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition boasts a whopping 32GB of storage, an auto-adjusting light, and wireless charging.

Are there monthly fees for Kindles?

All Kindle devices offer direct access to the Amazon Kindle eBooks store where you can purchase individual titles without a monthly subscription fee. That said, Amazon Prime members can access free books through the Prime Reading service, which is charged at the current Prime membership rate.

In addition, you can get a Kindle Unlimited subscription for £7.99 a month to get unlimited access to over three million titles and thousands of audiobooks, and borrow up to 20 eligible Kindle Unlimited titles at once at no extra cost. You can usually sign up for a few free months of Kindle Unlimited with your Kindle purchase to give it a spin, and you can cancel the subscription at any time.

When is the best time to buy a Kindle?

Since Kindles are one of Amazon’s cornerstone products, you’ll see their prices plummet during annual Amazon Prime Day events, which usually take place around July. However, if you can’t wait for the next Prime Day to roll around, Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Back-to-School season and other events throughout the year will often find the price of Kindles reduced to just no less than 40% off – sometimes even more.

Prime Day and Black Friday are also good times to save on a Kindle Unlimited subscription, as Prime members are usually offered a few months at a super low price.

Outside of those big discounts, you can still find a Kindle at a lower price every few weeks for a limited time as the price fluctuates. So if you’re really looking for a bargain, keep an eye out and take a leap of faith when you see the price drop.

What’s the Best Kindle?

There is no universally best Kindle for everyone, as everyone will have different priorities. To help you find the best model for you, we’ve listed a number of devices for everyone. We recommend reviewing everything listed here and carefully considering your options.

These are the best Kindles of 2023.

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